Understanding scope of project:

The first step for web application development project is to understand its nature and its functional requirements. Features required and content management requirements are noted and based on these notes the time estimation for project execution is done.

analysisProject Analysis and Planning:

An analysis is performed by our specialized technical and design team to determine how the web application development will be undertaken. In this phase of planning the appropriate technology, project schedule, security adoption, project management methodology adoption are defined. The project plan will outline a clear flow of development life cycle and the time frame for project completion.

 Prototype Development:

Depending on the project analysis a prototype of the web application is developed. This phase is very important if the web application involves e-commerce, java script, php, etc. Once your organization has accepted the prototype, the development work begins.

project execution Project Execution:

Based on the project plan, functional specifications, and prototype acceptance, web application development begins. It includes the creation of web application architecture, frame works, and database structure is designed and published. Strict care is taken to adhere to the quality guidelines and project management best practices are used for creating efficient results. Project progress reporting also comes under this phase of web application development.

Q&A Testing:

This is the most unavoidable stage of web application development. Once the web application is built, it requires going through a rigorous testing process. The basic purpose for web application testing is to remove any bugs, discrepancies or network issues that can affect the performance of the application. This stage ensures the good quality of web application development.

project deploymentProject Deployment:

The final stage of the web application development process is its deployment. If there is any functionality that requires it to be altered, the application will again go to the analysis phase. Upon client approval of the web application it is then deployed into a real time environment.